Marisa C. Hayes, a Franco-American artist, creates images and performances for stage, screen and other new media formats. She is a multidisciplinary artist interested in the breakdown, and subsequent overlap, between a variety of creative and academic spheres. Her work in live performance, video and photography has been presented in much of Europe and North America, as well as in Asian and Latin American countries. Hayes' art practice focuses on current notions of memory, perception and identity. In this vein, some of the recurring subjects in her work are the body and its representation (particularly the female body), multiple citizenship, social networking and online persona, as well as contemporary nomadism.

Recently featured in Art Info, Hayes has exhibited or performed in a number of renown venues since 2008 including The Centre Pompidou (Paris), TanzImpuls (Munich), TanzHaus (Dusseldorf), Jumping Frames (Hong Kong), UMOVE (New York), The Glass Museum (Tacoma, Washington), The National Theater (France) and the German Embassy of the United States. Her videos have been screened at international festivals in Tokyo, Lisbon, London, Paris, Beijing, Hong Kong, New York, Rio de Janeiro and Naples. Her photographs and videos have also been featured on French television (France 3) and ArteTV in Chile. In 2009, her video, Eye Vanish, filmed entirely with a webcam, won a prize from Pentacle Movement Media (New York). The same year, her video collaboration with artist Franck Boulègue, entitled Gaffe, was awarded by the New York Dance Films Association. Hayes' artwork has recently appeared in catalogs at UMOVE (New York), Giguk: Giesen VideoART Festival (Germany) and was published in the art book, Rise and Fall in 2009. She has been the recipient of artist grants from CEC Arts Link New York, the New York Theater Communications Group and the Municipal Office of Culture in France.

Hayes has also published several papers about video and performance art for reserach journals and book anthologies including Repères, Cahier de Danse (of the French National Dance Biennale), The Directory of World Cinema (Intellect Press, UK), and for the forthcoming (2011) volume of The International Screendance Journal (USA/UK).

For more information about Hayes' live performance work with Franck Boulègue in experimental dance and theater, please see Body Cinema.